X-ray Diffraction Microscopy

Lensless Microscopy using Coherent X-rays

X-rays has a short wavelength of ~0.1 nm, and thus can overcome the resolution limitation ~200 nm in conventional optical microscopy. In addition, X-ray has a high penetration power, and thus allows us to observe structures deep inside an object, which are difficult to access with electron microscopy. However, since x-rays can transmit even a thick human body, it passes through micrometer-sized cells with little interaction. As it is difficult to observe air with our eyes, ingenuity is required to observe “transparent” cells.

Coherent x-rays with a beautiful wave pattern plays an important role in observing transparent objects, and is available at advanced synchrotron radiation facilities, such as SPring-8.

     Schematic of X-ray Diffraction Microscopy

     Fig. Observation of Human Mitotic Chromosome in 2D & 3D by X-ray Diffraction Microscopy


  1. Three-Dimensional Visualization of a Human Chromosome Using Coherent X-Ray Diffraction
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    <color red>World's first 3D bioimaging by x-ray diffraction microscopy</color>
  2. Imaging Whole Escherichia Coli Bacteria by Using Single-Particle X-Ray Diffraction
    Jianwei Miao, Keith O. Hodgson, Tetsuya Ishikawa, Carolyn A. Larabell, Mark A. LeGros, and Yoshinori Nishino
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    <color red>World's first 2D bioimaging by x-ray diffraction microscopy</color>
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